Laurent Debussche

Laurent Debussche

Company: Sanofi R&D

Job title: Vice President, Global Head Molecular Oncology Research Therapeutic Area


Sanofi Oncology Research is a global organization which manages a large portfolio of preclinical projects and several collaborations with Academia, Biotechs and Pharmas. It is composed of 2 closely collaborating Therapeutic Areas, Immuno-Oncology and Molecular Oncology, both located in two sites: Cambridge, Massachusetts and Vitry-sur-Seine, France. Dr. Laurent Debussche is V.P. Global Head of Molecular Oncology Research Therapeutic Area since 2016. He joined one of the mother company of Sanofi more than 30 ago and worked from the beginning on cancer molecular targets such as RAS. In 1998, he became a senior Oncology research leader. He contributed to and even directly led several preclinical candidate nominations as well as first-in-human and clinical projects, has built a large Oncology international network and was referred as a “stubborn” cancer scientist in a front page article of 12/22/2012 New York Times issue. He is author of 60+ peer-reviewed scientific publications.


RAS Protein Flexibility & How to Target Cryptic Pockets to Drug the Undruggable Master Oncogene 12:00 pm

• RAS is a very flexible protein without any apparent druggable pocket which has resisted three decades of efforts to drug it • Cryptic or induced pockets can be identified in addition to so-called SII pocket • DNA-encoded library approach is a powerful approach to drug cryptic pockets such as SII pocketRead more

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